Saut d'ange produit 1 BRTD 39

Diamond bracelet featuring a marquise-shaped stone enhanced by more than one thousand and one diamonds, taking flight across the hand with the airiness of an angel.

Produit saut d'ange 2 ERGD 192

Earrings set with diamonds, softly embellishing the ears with a pure, natural elegance.

Produit saut d'ange 3 ERGR 33

Graceful natural ruby and diamond earrings. A fairy-like elegance enhanced by a unique design that gently embraces the ear.

Produit saut d'ange 4 NCKE 20019

Audacious Colombian emerald and diamond necklace, elegantly underlining the neckline with a dramatic effect.

Produit saut d'ange 5 RGIR 26

Breathtaking ruby and diamond ring, daringly leaping across the hand.

Produit Arabesque 1 BRTS 18

Natural Burmese sapphires and diamonds inlaid into white jade bracelet. Never-ending intertwining lines evoking the mysteries of Oriental art.

Produit Arabesque 2 BRTE 20008

Bracelet of a Colombian emerald centre, surrounded by diamonds inlaid in blue chalcedony petals.

Produit Arabesque 3 RGIE 11

Round-shaped emerald encircled by tourmalines and demantoid garnets, inlaid into opal ring. 

Produit Arabesque 4 IRGI 315

Strikingly blue tanzanite enhanced by brilliant diamonds, inlaid into a white chalcedony ring.
An enchanting blend of soothing and vibrant colours.

Produit Arabesque 5 SETR 18

Pink opal necklace and bracelet audaciously embracing Burma rubies and diamonds.
An elegant sophistication of alluring patterns.

Produit Masterpieces 1 ERGD 20029

Pear-shaped white and yellow diamonds, surrounded by fine brilliant diamonds embellish these alluring flower earrings.

Produit Masterpieces 2 SETE 20032

Breathtaking Colombian emerald and diamond necklace and earrings, mysteriously enlighting the skin.

Produit Masterpieces 2 SETE 20032

In the oriental « Talisman » ballet, the Goddess Amravati gives her daughter Niriti a star from her crown. Drawing its inspiration from this tale of ancient India, the Talisman necklace is a resplendent galaxy of diamonds highlighted by an extremely rare emerald.

Produit Masterpieces 4 SETD 47

Highlighted by twenty-one radiant-cut fancy intense yellow diamonds, this breathtaking set is adorned with over three thousand dazzling diamonds of differents cuts and shapes.

Produit Art of Inlay 1 SERIE BE01

Inspired by design patterns from Mughal Empire, this bangle is adorned with delicate lines of diamonds inlaid into mother of pearl.

Produit Art of Inlay 1 IBRT 70

Graceful flowery patterns of diamonds inlaid into a black jet bangle.

Produit Art of Inlay 3 IERG 282

Elegant earrings set with two oval shaped diamonds inlaid into smokey quartz resulting in a subtle yet alluring intensity.

Produit Art of Inlay 4 IERG 375 / 342

Supremely delicate earrings set with two marquise-cut diamonds inlaid into white mother of pearl.

Produit Art of Inlay IRGI 323-308

A dazzling ring highlighted by an exquisite light yellow diamond, warmly radiating in its inlay mother of pearl setting and surrounded by brilliant diamonds.

Produit Art of Inlay 6 IRGI 398

Strikingly exquisite ring with an oval-shaped diamond, masterfully inlaid into Paraiba and surrounded by an 18 carat Turquoise.

Produit Art oF Inlay 7 IRGI 367

Audacious black jet ring, set with a marquise-shaped diamond, surrounded by four pear-shaped rose-cut diamonds and graceful lines of small brilliant diamonds.

Produit Art of Inlay 8 SETi 13

Stately necklace and earrings set with pear-shaped diamonds inlaid into pear-shaped prasiolite, surrounded by light green jade frames. An innovative technique offering a dazzling elegance.

Produit Kissing Diamonds 1 ERGD 20016

Yellow diamonds contrast strikingly with white diamonds in an imaginatively designed set of earrings.

Produit Kissing Diamonds 2 NCKS 17

A truly feminine necklace adorned with a graceful emerald-cut diamond embracing a pink tourmaline stone.

Produit Kissing Diamonds 3 RGID 124

Splendid fancy intense pink diamond ring with unusually intense contrasts.

Produit Kissing Diamonds 4 RGID 131

Stunning ring of enchanting and vibrant colours graced with an emerald-cut vivid yellow diamond set on an oval-cut white diamond.

Produit Kissing Diamonds 5 RGID 120

Audaciously designed ring set with a round-shaped old European cut diamond on a round-shaped briolette morganite, adorned with charming lines of diamonds, radiating astonishing reflections of light.

Produit kissing diamonds 6 RGIE 39

A Brazilian emerald gently kisses rose-cut diamond on a ring further enhanced by small brilliant emeralds and diamonds.

Produit Kissing Diamonds 7 RGIR 30

In an audacious contrast of colours, a striking Mozambican ruby crowns a pear-shaped diamond ring.

Produit La Reverence 1 BRTR 12

Floating like drapery on the skin, this unusually designed bracelet is adorned with natural Burma rubies and briolette diamonds.

Produit La Reverence 2 BRTD 47

Dazzling diamond and natural peal bracelet, adorning the wrist with an oriental-inspired modern design.

Produit La Reverence 5 BRTM 14

Two pear-shaped jadeites have a striking effect on this diamond bracelet of a unique and graceful design.

Produit La Reverence 4 SETD 20017

A dazzling necklace of yellow and white diamonds drapes the neck with spectacular elegance. A ring and earrings complement this stately parure.

Produit Legacy Jewels 1 BRH 20013

In a daring interpretation of a classical piece, old mine diamonds adorn a shoulder brooch, turning a jewellery design from the past into a unique and bold creation.