The Boghossian Foundation

An artistic embassy of tolerance.

The artistic influence of the East and its association with Western culture is of major interest to the Boghossian family, whose origins are Armenian. Art being such a key element to the family’s identity, the Boghossians decided to dedicate their Foundation to the development of an artistic dialogue between the cultures of the East and the West.

     When the Foundation was first established in 1992, its mission was solely a humanitarian one, centred around improving the living conditions and education of young people in Armenia and Lebanon. Only later did the role of art take a central importance, when the Boghossian family decided to acquire an Art Deco architectural jewel in Brussels, the Villa Empain, and restore it to its former glory.

     This distinctive building, added to the list of architectural heritage in Brussels, has left a strong historical print in Belgium. Built between 1930 and 1934 by Swiss architect Michel Polak for Baron Louis Empain, the Villa has remained steeped in History as it has successively become a museum of decorative and contemporary art and the Belgian headquarters of Radio-Television-Luxembourg (RTL).

     In 2010, after the completion of important restoration work, the Art Deco building reopened its doors to the public, showcasing artistic exhibitions and hosting conferences on various themes addressing the bonds between Eastern and Western cultures.

     Today, the Villa Empain is not only the headquarters of the family Foundation: it has become a Western-based cultural embassy for the East.


Art is of essential importance to Boghossian’s identity. Past and present artistic influences kindle their passion, inspire their creativity and are transformed into ornaments that make women mesmerizing.