The Boghossian Philosophy

Making a difference in jewellery.

For six generations, Boghossian has been building a heritage in jewellery by blending cultures, drawing inspiration from Art history and being passionate about constantly innovating, pushing further the boundaries of their craftsmanship.

In their creations, they have remarkably succeeded in finding a perfect harmony between Eastern and Western cultural inspirations, a creative environment the House refers to as the Orient Contemporain. From the East, Boghossian takes the richness of patterns, the vibrancy of colours, the oriental opulence. The Mughal Empire, the origin of Boghossian’s masterful signature style, the Art of Inlay, is another major influence. From the West, they adopt a freshness of style, a lightness and a fluidity of design. The never-ending need to move ahead, the use of groundbreaking technology in jewellery and the audacious artistic movements such as Art-Deco and Art-Nouveau are also important modern western inspirations.

In fact, Art has always been a source of inspiration for the Boghossians. In their private collections, they pay tribute to the incredible jewellery craftsmanship and level of sophistication artisans achieved in past centuries. They firmly believe that Art is key to the dialogue between Eastern and Western cultures and their Foundation, based in the Villa Empain in Brussels, is a true reflection of that philosophy.

Boghossian’s artistic approach is audacious at its core. They want to make a difference and push the boundaries of jewellery design.

     « We want to inspire curiosity. We are thrilled when our jewellery raises questions » - Albert Boghossian.

This daring approach is well illustrated by Boghossian’s decision to revive the ancient decorative technique Art of Inlay, where a gemstone is meticulously set within another gemstone. Such innovative thinking also led the House to create the remarkable « Kissing Diamond » setting technique, where two contrasting stones are united, using a minimum amount of metal, giving the illusion of one floating over another. Boghossian has also carried out extensive research into transforming elements such as carbon and titanium into graceful and lightweight jewellery materials.

Breaking the codes of traditional jewellery craftsmanship is a never-ending quest for Boghossian, where they always keep in mind their ultimate aim of surrounding women with an aura of light, a halo, a special mystery.


Audacity sparks our inspiration at Boghossian. We are constantly pushing further the technical boundaries of our creations.


Uniquely imaginative designs, groundbreaking setting techniques and the unusual blending of contrasting colours make Boghossian’s creations strikingly audacious.


Six generations in the gemstone universe and we are still mesmerized by the supreme beauty of the stones we shape and the audacity of ancestral techniques.


Boghossian masterfully reinterprets Oriental patterns and shapes into a breathtaking modern aesthetics.


We believe that, to fulfil our purpose, we have to be audacious. Being true to our nature means overcoming our barriers and grasping the impossible.

New Materials

Boghossian’s startlingly original pieces often blossom from untraditional materials.


Art is the cornerstone of Boghossian’s identity, a constant source of inspiration and the sole dedication of the Boghossian Foundation.